Tomorrow, Wednesday 18th November – at 3.00pm (CEST), join us for the closing event of the World Social Forum for Transformative Economies !

We will count on the interventions of:

– Celina Valadez (Mexico). Facilitator in SSE movements and good living. Ecosystems and economic circuits.

– Zo Randriamaro (Madagascar), WOMIN feminist organization.

– Nancy Kachingwe (Zimbabwe – Malawi). Expert in land rights and local development. Anti-racist feminist.

– Silvia Federici (Italy-USA). Writer, philosopher, teacher and feminist activist. Feminism, demand for wages for domestic work, common.

In addition, we will present the Agenda for Transformative Economies and recall the initiatives presented in We Accept the Challenge.

Finally, we will also have representatives from other Forums:

– Pan-Amazonian Forum. Germán Niño (Colombia) 

– Social Forum Migrations Europe. Paulo Illes (Portugal)

– WSF. Gina Vargas (Peru)

Here we will take notes in a collaborative way:

The session will be held in Spanish, English and French, with simultaneous translation provided by the Koinos cooperative