A big success for the FRESS that gathered on the 17 and 18 of November, more than 800 visitors, 80 solidarity-based entrepreneurs and proposed around 30 workshops and conferences.

ADEPES, Mouvement pour l’Economie solidaire en Occitanie, has been organizing and co-building this regional event since 2000.

The team felt a strong aspiration from the public, notwistanding their age, for actions driven by actions that make sense and by values. The world is changing, wants to be flexible and ready to receive these new wills. We are promoting actions of support and collective training that are relflecting this keen interest to change our soicety towards more economic, social and climatic justice.

The FRESS 2017 has been recognized both by public authorities and participants as giving a younger and more modern image of SSE.

New partners as Reporters d’Espoir who presented the book “a France of Solutions (La France des solutions), le Centre des Jeunes dirigeants d’entreprise CJD Toulouse, le Club de la Com  showed SSE big dversity today and the possibility to create bridges with related actors : responsible leaders, people from the communication area, sustainable development actors…

A ludic communication around super heroes, “The “SuperSSE”, full of colour and dynamism allowed to organize quirky, original and full of humour meetings.

Patrick Viveret : Le Bonheur en marche, cowritten with Mathieu Baudin (Ed. Guérin,) and Fraternité, j’écris ton nom ! (Ed. Les liens qui libèrentt)

Two other strong moments: the Flachlab that boosted 5 solidarity-based projects in emergence, an awards ceremony by SSE actors, or private or public actors and the conference by Patrick Viveret, philosopher and essayist who invites us to reconsider the fragility and ethics to rethink the economy of our human societies.

Yes, the FRESS gives a taste for involvement, cooperation, to do differently, in a more  respectful, more solidarity-based way. Let’s be certain that each of us carries the seeds of a hero, a heroine SuperSSE!

By Berenice Dondeyne, ADEPES