In Berlin (Germany) : A cooperative made by and for women !

By our member, Dr. Günther Lorenz – TechNet / Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin

Weiberwirtschaft, Berlin is a cooperative of women whose purpose is not to make a profit, but to “improve the starting conditions for women’s businesses and projects by providing commercial space in a business incubator, to create and secure jobs for women, and to empower women in economic, social and cultural areas. Every woman is welcome in the co-operative.

A widely noticed example of an ecologically reconstructed and run business center with space for offices, studios, workshops, shops, restaurants, lofts, and flats – earns revenue only from letting commercial spaces:

  • 1.750 women from Germany and beyond are members
  • 65 women-run companies and nonprofit organizations
  • Restaurant and café with inexpensive lunch
  • Kindergarten for 10 months to 6 year-olds at a guaranteed low cost for every
    mother who rents a room.

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