We are collecting here messages, articles, stories and references of Solidarity economy initiatives in response to the Covid19 pandemic crisis and its consequences, to share and exchange experiences and efforts from member networks and other organisations. If you wish to contribute, please write to : info@ripess.eu

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Message by Jason Nardi, General Delegate of RIPESS Europe

“Never as today can we say we’re all in the same boat in a stormy sea. The Corona virus pandemic crisis is spreading rapidly throughout the world, with an impact that is in many ways unpredictable and without discrimination, although unfortunately it is always the most vulnerable people who suffer the most. The climate and environmental crisis is also global, but it affects us in different ways. The sum of the two and the economic and social consequences that are already occurring and looming ahead are potentially enormous.

In face of the failure of the current dominant economic system – and the threat to our well-being, we are demonstrating that the SSE and the various forms of transformative economies are a real alternative to emerge from these crises. Social Solidarity Economy, in all its manifestations and practices, is at the same time at the forefront of actions of support, care and mutuality – but also strongly threatened or hampered by restrictions on its daily practices and with negative consequences for the work and income of millions of people, cooperative enterprises and SSE initiatives.  In some countries, farmer markets and local food supply chains, as well as other products and services, are being prohibited for health and security, while supermarkets and online large distributors become the main or only source for people.  We need to ask governments, on the contrary, to strongly encourage safe and healthy local production and consumption, especially in critical moments as this one. We will continue advocating that more countries, more international institutions and the United Nations itself embrace SSE to achieve the world we want.

RIPESS – as a network that interconnects the realities of the SSE throughout the world – allows us to express our solidarity with each other, our awareness of the difficulties of the situation we are experiencing and the challenges we face. Let us take care of ourselves, our families and loved ones, our communities. We want to be especially close to all those who have suffered directly and we wish good health, safety and well-being to all. Let us share what we are doing, our ability to act with resilience and to find humane and solidarity solutions. Please send information on any important SSE initiatives you are working on or know about as well as public policies that help foster them responding to health, social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, so they can be shared with others and we can mutually learn from each other.

While many of us have to cancel or postpone planned activities, stay home or confined in restricted spaces, Covid-19 will not stop us collaborating and acting in solidarity and feeling part of an interconnected worldwide community. It’s time for hope, not fear. For cooperation and solidarity. For SSE.”