RIPESS accelerates global advocacy work for the promotion of SSE as a key strategy for sustainable development in a post Covid19 context

Through a project funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), which lasts one year in a pilot phase and which is now reaching its halfway point, RIPESS reinforces its actions in promoting the SSE, fostering cooperation between continental SSE networks in their advocacy actions, and influencing public policies at various levels.

In a context of unprecedented crisis worldwide, with dramatic consequences for public health, the economy and society due in particular to the COVID- 19 pandemic, ACCD and RIPESS reaffirmed last 2020 their commitment to transformative economies as a strategy to achieve sustainable development, through the signing of a project implemented by RIPESS networks and funded by ACCD.

The collaboration aims to strengthen the work of integrating the SSE in the programmes of international actors working on development strategies, such as the United Nations and other international organisations and movements, and also to increase the role of RIPESS in the spaces where international advocacy activities take place. It seeks to promote dialogue between SSE networks and governments for the co-construction of policies and programmes favourable to the SSE. In addition, the project implements more regional and local actions in Latin America and Africa, such as the systematisation of local experiences, mapping, training courses, etc., where it will seek to strengthen SSE networks and organisations, especially women’s and minority associations.

One of its latest activities has been the launch, last week, of a global call for advocacy tools for the SSE used by the national networks of RIPESS continental members. The call has the spirit of creating opportunities/spaces for sharing SSE advocacy tools to ensure that SSE networks benefit from existing experiences and inspire each other, as well as contribute to accelerate advocacy towards local and national governments in the different continents.