Article from UFISC, France

For its 6th edition, POP MIND looks forward to seeing you in Rennes on May 2024 13th, 14th and 15th!

In a context of transformation of our societies, profound cultural, economic and territorial changes and the evolution of public responsibilities, POP MIND proposes to take the time to take a step back and a collective analysis to build the solidarity necessary for a citizen rebound.

This edition, co-led by UFISC and CRID, is part of the theme of DOING, SETTING IN MOTION and IN COMMON, the ability to act together in different places, from the local to the global. With this motto: “Culture and solidarity: the urgency to act together!”.

From Monday, May 13 from 10:00 a.m., to Wednesday, May 15 until 1:00 p.m., in Rennes.

► Registration opens on Monday 15 April!

A cultural and civic highlight to weigh the context of crisis(s) and solidarity

In a context that requires increased vigilance, particularly with regard to associative freedoms and active solidarity, the time has come to bring together and strengthen links between actors in the cultural field and citizens’ movements and collectives!

It is in this perspective of decompartmentalization that UFISC andCRID are joining forces for a POP MIND co-constructed by a wide variety of partners, from the fields of arts and culture, popular education, social, agriculture, solidarity economy, international solidarity…

This is an opportunity to propose joint paths to initiate mutual knowledge, to cross views and ways of doing things, to build a shared political vision, and to stimulate the desire to collaborate together!

Rich and varied themes

With this new edition, POP MIND aims to create a space for debate and democracy capable of meeting the goal of building together that we have set ourselves.

The theme of putting into action, of “doing things together”, which is the common thread of this edition, will be addressed through several axes:

  • transitions and transformations
  • interdependencies, autonomy and cooperation
  • the ecological and solidarity bifurcation
  • freedom of association
  • popular education, cultural action and emancipation
  • artistic cooperation versus territorial marketing
  • equality and diversity of people and practices
  • cultural rights and peoples’ rights
  • arts and migration(s)
  • youth practices
  • the rise of far-right and xenophobic ideologies in France and Europe