On October 28th, Futuro Alternativo promoted the first conference of the cycle: “ESPAÑA DEL FUTURO: Una mirada desde las nuevas generaciones”“.

In this conference, the importance of taking into account that we should not talk about youth as a homogeneous group, but as any other social group, we have different starting points, hence the importance of addressing an intersectional perspective in the analysis. In addition, other things such as youth and social networks, climate crisis, mental health, politics, gender etc. have also been mentioned…

CLICK HERE to access the conference (In Spanish).


Check out the conclusions of the European Youth Event that took place last 8th and 9th October.

Watch the sessions again here: https://www.epevents.eu/event/eye2021

Access the report on youth ideas: https://european-youth-event.europarl.europa.eu/es/


Link of interest: https://yseh.eu/the-project/

Visit this project that offers opportunities to develop social entrepreneurship skills. You can get in touch and participate in the project dedicated to young people who want to set up their own cooperative or social enterprise.