7th General Assembly Meeting – Zagreb 2018

The Good Economy Conference will take place the 15th of June at Kino Tiskanac old movie theatre downtown (Zagreb, Croatie). All members from RIPESS Europe are invited to participate.

The General Assembly of RIPESS Europe will take place at Tituša Brezovačkog School in Zagreb on 16 and 17 June 2018.

This GA is the opportunity to take stock to the new developments for each of our members and organize our forces to advance the dynamics of Social Solidarity in Europe.

 Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th June 2018

9.00 – 16.30 

The meeting focuses on the role and strategies of the European network 7 years from its foundation. New members of the network are expected from different European countries, as well as guests from other networks and organisations. We will also have a session dedicated to public policies for the promotion of the SSE.

See the program here.

To confirm your participation, you must register online here. Reserved places (for accommodation) are limited.

If you are not capable of attending personally, you can delegate another member to represent you, by filling and sending us the proxy vote.
For any question or doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@ripess.eu