6th General Assembly Meeting – Athens 2017


The 6 th General Assembly (GA) of tRIPESS Europe – European Solidairty Economy will take place the 9th of June at Athens University (Agricole faculty, Athens Greece) within the 4th Europen Congress of Social Solidarity Economy, UNIVERSSE 2017. This GA is the opportunity to take stock to the new developments for each of  our members and organize our forces to advance the dynamics of Social Solidarity in Europe.

 Friday 9th june 2017

9.00 – 16.30

The meeting focuses on the role and strategies of the European network 6 years from its foundation. New members of the network are expected from different European countries, as well as guests from other networks and organisations. We will also have a session dedicated to public policies for the promotion of the SSE.

To confirm your participation, you must register online here. Places (for accommodation) are limited.

The Program is here

 You can find information on how to get to Athens Agriculture University and for accommodations here.


Preparation of the General Assembly

You can access to documents and forums for the preparation of the AG via the following links. To access the existing forums, you should already be a member of RIPESS EU and the respective forums (ask info@ripess.eu if you need help).

The Statutory Assembly agenda is here (or download pdf)

If you need to give a proxy vote to another members, please compile and send this form (pdf).

  • Download here the RIPESS EUROPE activity report 2016
  • Strategic orientation document 2016-2018: this document was prepared by the working group strategy RIPESS had discussed and revised at the General Assembly in Villarceaux, June 2016. RIPESS Europe would like to strengthen the political message that it wishes to embody and share, through two main objectives:
  • RIPESSEU_action_plan_2016-2018 (updated May 2017): the action plan has 8 main objectives divided in 3 parts – internal activities, international activities and external activities.
  • Forum for the preparation of the General Assembly: to help build the GA together, we have opened a specific forum at this address.  You must be registered to the Members’ group in order to participate (you can ask info@ripess.eu).
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