The RIPESS General Assembly took place during the European Congress for Solidarity Economy on 10th-13th September 2015 in Berlin : Solikon 2015

The AGM was on Friday 11th September 2015, between 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm with all of RIPESS Europe members (open for observers).

RIPESSEU-agm2015The Assembly was an opportunity to jointly reflect on and discuss the strategies that members can develop together to help Solidarity economy progress in Europe.

The Coordination Committee presented the annual activity report (2014) on the contacts that have been established, the joint work carried out by some of the current and perspective members and the possibilities they open for the future.

A strategy working document was prepared to help the discussion of the assembly. It aims to provide us with a shared basis to move forward in the current context; this context is not very favourable to solidarity and the development of SSE in Europe.

The General Assembly also provided an opportunity to get to know new members. Here are the ones who joined the network in Berlin.

Finally, RIPESS EU operates thanks to the Coordination Committee, which works on a interactive and open basis. The Coordination Committee is renewed for a third of its components every year – the elected members can be seen here.

As with all other Annual General Meetings,the Annual Activity Report and Financial results for the year 2014. Each member has 2 votes, on condition that there is gender balance for its delegates, and that the organisation has paid its annual membership fee.