Where the meeting will be held?

Our meeting place will be the EkoCentrum. It’s part of Fundacja EkoRozwoju – a RIPESS Europe member.

  • Address: ul. św. Wincentego 25AC Wrocław
  • Closest bus/tram stops: Paulińska or Dworzec Nadodrze


How to get to the EkoCentrum?

You will have to go through the backyard, through one of the three entrances (with blue arrows), then you will come across a red gate. After passing it, go to the building on your left and use the intercom (press 1, then #, and wait for the door to open). This last step may not be necessary if the gate is already open.


How to come to Wrocław?

Option 1. Railway

If you want to get to Wrocław by train, you will most likely arrive at Wrocław Główny (Wrocław Central Station). You can book your train ticket from the website of Interrail or Polish Intercity (or on the website of another rail carrier).

  • Address of the main station: ul. Piłsudskiego 105, Wrocław
  • Nearest bus/tram stops: Dworzec Główny; Dworzec Główny (Dworcowa); Arkady (Capitol)


Option 2. Bus

Wrocław also has a long-distance bus station. You can get to Wrocław using Flixbus, for example, or another road transport company.

  • Address: ul. Sucha 1, Wrocław
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Dworzec Autobusowy


Option 3. Airport

If it suits you best, it is also possible to get to Wrocław by plane. Unlike the train and bus stations, the airport is not located in the city center, but it is very well connected. You should be careful, there may be traffic jams. Your journey from the airport to the hotel may take longer than expected.

The full name of the airport is “Lotnisko Wrocław Strachowice im. Mikołaja Kopernika” (Nicolaus Copernic’s Wrocław Strachowice Airport).

We advice you to check the website of LOT Polish Airlines for your plane tickets.

It takes about 30 minutes by car or 1 hour by public transport to get from the airport to EkoCentrum.

  • Address: ul. Graniczna 190, Wrocław
  • Nearest bus/tram stop: Port Lotniczy


How to circulate inside Wrocław?

In Wrocław, we recommend you to use public transport. There is a network of buses and streetcars.
You can check your routes via the website jakdojade.pl or the mobile app JakDojade. The website also has an English version – you can change the language in the website settings (upper right corner). Next to the description of each place of importance to us, the nearest bus/tram stop is mentioned. This will let you know how long it will take you to get from one place to another.

In Wrocław there is also a public bicycle network. To rent one, it is recommended to download the appropriate mobile application: https://wroclawskirower.pl/en/. You have to create an account before you can use it.

If you decide to stay at the MoHostel, you will be a 5-minute walk from the EkoCentrum.
You can also use electric scooters, cabs, Ubers or rental cars.

For further information, please contact Mariusz: ess@fairtrade.org.pl.