The Universidad Abierta de Recoleta, together with the Transnational Institute (TNI) and Common Police, present the second course of the International Diploma in Transformative Local Governments.

The notion of local government on which this course is based implies the participation of all the different actors and sectors of society. It is assumed that for the local government to function, and to meet its public objectives of social welfare and good living, there needs to be informed citizen participation, so this course is aimed at providing useful and relevant information for citizen empowerment, and the design of local public policies oriented to the common good.

Through an analysis and dialogue with the finalist initiatives of the Transformative Cities award (Cloughjordan, Barcelona, ​​Cochabamba, Medellín, Paris, Richmond, Cádiz), the aim is to recognise lessons and learn from both successful strategies and obstacles that have experienced in trying to achieve their goals.

Registrations are still open. The course will begin in a couple of weeks.