On the final day of the GA, RIPESS Europe is organising a round-table discussion with a fishbowl format, with the title: “The Europe we need, the Europe we want: Joining forces to raise our voices”. Our aim is to make a stronger connection with our possible allies in Europe on the topics that we are all concerned about them and want to see development toward a more sustainable and solidarity world. We will get inputs from a global and local perspective, social and solidarity economy, public policy and advocacy work, network and organisational resilience.

Networking at Ripess Europe, consists of creating spaces of exchange and uderstanding with final aim to co-construct the future economy and society in more just, equitable and fair for all.
There are plenty of important networks that we meet every year, so to create paths for enhancing our cooperation and make one more step for the recognition and visibility of SSE within the civil society, the private sector, the public institutions. In this direction we are very happy to welcome our guests:

• Martin Georges – GSEF
• Sarah de Heusch – Social Economy Europe
• Marion Pouzoulet – ESSFI
• Sandra Moreno Cadena – Ripess Intercontinental
• Patricia Andriot – RTES