Social and solidarity economy and sustainable development: relevant approaches for the twenty-first century?

RIUESS Clermont-Ferrand

From May 27 to May 29, 2020


Organizing laboratory :

Communication and Societies Laboratory, “Communication, social innovation and social and solidarity economy” axis – EA 7481 – University of Clermont Auvergne

The purpose of this twentieth RIUESS conference is to question the concept of Sustainable Development (SD) in relation to the practices and research of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and, conversely, to question SSE practices and research in relation to this notion, which is more political than scientific. First of all, this symposium, which is open to all SHS (economics, philosophy, political science, sociology, management sciences, communication sciences, law, geography, anthropology, etc.), aims to examine the type of society thought up by SSE and SD actors and researchers: Are we working towards adapting capitalism to ecological constraints? Are we participating in the transformation of an extractive capitalism into a green and ethical capitalism or do we want the transition to a post-capitalist society? Then, in an international context marked by the rise of populism, it is necessary to examine the democratic dimension of the changes at work in a globalization that destroys biodiversity and produces inequalities that are only increasing. Finally, in a rapidly changing world, where digital media and social networks condition our access to the world, we must contribute to a healthy clarification of the debate by trying to clarify recent concepts and characterize emerging practices.

Proposals for papers are written in French and can take different forms (theoretical modeling, case study, critical reflection, testimony of actor-rice, etc.). They must fall within one of the following five priority areas, but off-axis communications can be accepted if they fall within the general theme of the conference (the links between SSE and Sustainable Development)

Axis I: Clarification and conceptual criticism.
Axis II: SSE and SD: Tensions and dissonances between discourse and practice
Axis III: Territories, commons and the globalization of solidarity.
Axis IV: Emerging practices and SD.
Axis V: SSE and SD action research: epistemological, methodological, ethical and political issues

Calendar of events

The deadline for receipt of communications is 15 January 2020.