BUSSE is an Erasmus+ project aimed at disseminating SSE know how and practices in Central Eastern Europe. The overall impact that we want to achieve through this project is a contribution to enhancing skills and knowledge of SSE and its transformative potential.


The informal educational programme is aimed at people and organisations interested in learning about SSE in Central Eastern Europe, focusing on important aspects of Social Solidarity Economy at a regional level, developing and testing educational materials and training tools. Activities will be carried out to develop capacity of participants and other target groups through trainings and the dissemination of the knowledge and skills acquired and the materials created during the programme multiplier events and other dissemination activities.



Participants of the training modules and the multiplier events

Adult learners, who aim to get involved in SSE – by establishing their own SSE enterprise, start-up or a non-profit initiative, knowledge on SSE will be improved, as well as practical SSE skills Multipliers and allies, engaged adult learners from training modules and multiplier events – local institutions, NGOs, academics and other informal groups.

Training modules

1. Establishing of and transformation into an SSE initiative
2. Community Building within SSE
3: SSE Principles within cooperatives
4: SSE in practice based on Food Sovereignty values


The following have been produced as support and through the trainings:

  • BUSSE Booklet for adult learners in 5 languages (CZ, SK, DE, PL and EN)
  • Info-pack for SSE trainers and promoters, 5 languages
  • Visual materials (presentations – 5 language versions, posters in 5 languages and infographics connected to the other visual materials)

For more information, contact: info@ripess.eu