What if the “return to normality” was accompanied by real changes for the environment, the Human being and society?

The Manifesto of Après-Ge regroups proposals for political and concrete actions to make the ecological and social transition our compass to get out of the crisis!

Complementary to the Call of May 4th (in French), this manifesto proposes concrete solutions for a sustainable future.

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This health crisis is an opportunity
Covid-19, one crisis too many in an already sick society The simple revival of the economy of Befor is out of the question The State must increase its regulatory role
Debt as a response to this crisis is unsustainable The pursuit of financial profit alone is unsustainable

Let’s build an economy of solidarity-based sobriety
Let’s share, let’s cooperate
Let(s favour short circuits and the regional economy
Let’s work differently, let’s govern our organizations differently
Let us reappropriate our time, our lives, our health and our citizenship capacities Let us develop a policy of “commons” to cover our basic needs Let us develop an international Geneva as a conductor of sustainability, and of global and local balances

The ecological, social and solidarity transition as a compass for emerging from the crisis
The creation of a fund and a network of expertise as pilots of the transition
Public aid linked to this crisis as a lever for tomorrow’s economy
Innovative financing as an alternative to “classic” private and public debt ” Our savings as the driving force of our economy
Leman currency as a stimulator of local trade
A secure platform for short circuits as an alternative to the giants of globalization like Amazon.
Cooperation and Mutualisation as models of development
Neighbourhoods as living and basic units for transition
Independent information as a guarantor of the construction of our free will
Culture as an expression of creativity and a catalyst for sustainable futures
Social and solidarity economy networks as transition networks
Taking the right exit from the crisis