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Education and Research

RIPESS has been engaging in educational and training activities at different levels, mainly through it’s member organisations.

Since September 2016, RIPESS Europe has started to work with some of its members on Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) through an Erasmus+ project (“Social and Solidarity Economy in Europe: affirming a new paradigm through IVET curricula innovation”).

This project aimed to affirm the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Europe through curricula innovation in Initial Vocational and Educational Training (IVET).





Article by Sofia Pereira, APDES, Portugal RIPESS EU is launching a new Erasmus+ project: SSE+(I)VET = COOP4FUTURE Since 2016, a process to promote SSE in the Vocational Educational Training (VET) system was initiated and has been developed in different steps. First,...

Training Communities: Co-creation, care and informality

By Sofia Pereira, APDES/RedPES (Portugal) On 7th June RedPES and RIPESS EU, with the support of APDES, promoted the fifth RedPES/RIPESS EU webinar aimed to share good practices on different fields from the perspective of the Social Solidarity Economy. The webinar was...

SSE in Europe: for a better future, let’s multiply training actions

Since 2016, RIPESS Europe and its partners have conducted a project initiated and coordinated by APDES (Pt). Most of the documents produced during the first project (2016 - 2018) and the second (2018 - 2021) are available on Socioeco website. We publish today the...


Synergia MOOC 2022 : Toward Co-operative Commonwealth

Synergia MOOC 2022 : Toward Co-operative Commonwealth

System change and transition to a political economy that is both socially just and environmentally sustainable are now the central concern of social movements the world over. Climate change has added an unprecedented layer of complexity to social change work. To meet...

Trainers in action in Italy :  the Erasmus + SSE-VET Project

Trainers in action in Italy : the Erasmus + SSE-VET Project

Article by our member Chiara Bonifazi, Solidarius Italia. In Italy the experimentation started in January 2020 with 11 trainers among VET teachers and Social Solidarity Economy operators and 2 areas involved. We are in Lombardy, in the provinces of Como and Bergamo,...

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Part of the team is now meeting in #Barcelona hosted by Nexes Interculturals for the kick-off meeting of the European project #yiteg ! Happy to be here brainstorming with all partners (from Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Ripess Europe) & enjoying some of this beautiful city and Catalan way of life !The Beehive CommunityKaléido'scopIdealúdica. Conocimiento en juego.Ninfea ... See MoreSee Less
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🔥 MOOC+ S’ORGANISER ENSEMBLEUne formation en ligne GRATUITE ouverte à toutes et tousDu 17 avril au 13 juin💭 NOUS SOMMES TOUTES ET TOUS IMPLIQUÉ·ES DANS DES PROJETS COLLECTIFS ! A travers notre métier, dans nos associations, même au niveau de notre famille ou de notre démocratie.🧐 Mais qui n’a pas rencontré des difficultés à faire avec les autres ?Des réunions interminables, des décisions laborieuses ou décevantes, un manque de clarté sur les devoirs et les libertés de chacun·e... notamment...De plus en plus de personnes aspirent à une gestion collective. En même temps qui y arrive vraiment de manière satisfaisante ?Comment sortir des modèles autoritaires et hiérarchiques classiques sans tomber dans l’immobilisme d’une gestion collective chaotique ?🔥 Vous souhaitez participer à des projets qui ont du sens, qui avancent concrètement, et tout ça dans une ambiance agréable ?🌱 Le MOOC « S’organiser ensemble » vous propose des clés pour réussir ce tour de magie.➡️ Plus d'infos ici : ici : 👉 Plaquette de pré👉 Inscription ... See MoreSee Less
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