Article by Pauline Bonino, Ensie

In the framework on the INNO-WISEs project, ENSIE, with its partners, developed a platform, which presents digital tools for social economy organisations. This platform is free and is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian and Polish.

The goal of the wisebusiness platform is to support social economy organisations and in particular work integration social enterprises (WISEs1) to participate in the digital transition. Indeed, the rationale of the INNO-WISEs project was that those organisations had difficulties to benefit fully from the digital tools that were now available and therefore were lagging behind other enterprises. The goal of the project was therefore identify the needs of those organisations and then to gather tools, lessons and even a MOOC to help them find their way in the digital world.

The first thing you will find on this platform is a (non-exhaustive) list of digital tools that social economy organisations (and all organisations) can use to develop and to improve their management and functioning. Those tools are divided into six categories: “getting seen”, “boosting your team”, “making time”, “getting sales”, “boosting impact” and making money”. Each category is divided into subcategory more descriptive (“SEO & SEM”, “Video Content”…). For each tool, you will find a short description, the pros and cons as well as a few more specifications and the link to the website where you can either try the tool or download it.

On the platform, you can also find a knowledge base with a MOOC on “Business for WISEs”, which introduces to the key theories of innovation, models and approaches related to continuous competitive advantage through products, processes, utilising technologies and through market practices. Finally, there are some lessons (in video) on branding, marketing financial management… As well as some advices on how to conduct digital transformation in your organisation.

Overall, this platform is a precious tool to help social economy organisations to develop and start their digital transformation. If you are interested in this platform or if you have any ideas or suggestions to develop it, do not hesitate to contact ENSIE.

1 WISEs are a subcategory of social enterprises. Three identifying pillars define them: they are enterprises whose main objective is the social and professional integration of disadvantaged people; they are at the core of the economic system and present a strong pedagogical dimension. You can learn more about WISEs here.