The map of ecological and solidarity-based transition initiatives has the final objective of listing the social and solidarity-based economy (SSE) structures working for the ecological transition in the heart of France’s territories. Numerous initiatives in favour of this necessary ecological and solidarity-based transition are in fact the initiative of SSE structures, and this tool aims to highlight their diversity.

To initiate this project, ESS France and 7 pilot CRESS (SSE Regional Chambers) have chosen to first work on the inventory of SSE structures in the circular economy specialising in waste prevention and/or management activities: awareness-raising on the fight against food waste, recovery of unsold goods, provision of equipment, sale of spare parts, repairs, bicycle workshops, repair cafés, waste collection activities, deposit for reuse, reuse/recycling, preparation for recycling, recycling, etc.

It is envisaged to reference SSE structures working on other sectors of activity of the ecological transition: sustainable agriculture and food, energy transition, environmental education, sustainable mobility, eco-tourism, etc

See the map here.