The 8th RIPESS Europe General Assembly took place in conjunction with a meeting on Cities and SSE (4 July) co-organised with the City of Lyon and RTES, followed by an evening of the Lyon Label “Ville équitable et durable” and the Dialogues en Humanité from the 4th to the 6th of July 2019 in Lyon, France. It was an opportunity for RIPESS Europe members to meet, share their activities and analyze and define the network’s priority lines and strategies. Thus, these three days were devoted to meetings and exchanges on the different themes related to the Network and SSE in general. With the support of 3 interpreters, the General Assembly was held in French and English. Members also had the opportunity to visit local SSE initiatives in districts of Lyon and participate in the exchanges and activities of the Dialogues en Humanité.


28 (22 members + 2 new members + 4 proxy votes)

  1. An Ait Eile Cooperative of Ireland (AAE)
  2. Katholische Sozialakademie Österreichs of Austria
  3. NETZ für Selbstverwaltung und Selbstorganisation e.V. Germany
  4. Trava Education of Russia

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