7th General Assembly – Zagreb, Croatia 2019


The 7th General Assembly (GA) took place over 1 and a half days, in the premises of theTituša Brezovačkog one of the oldest schools in Zagreb, on Saturday 16 June 2018 and the morning of Sunday17 June 2018. This GA included strategy discussions (on convergence with other alter-economic movements, public policies and SSE, education, peer training and cultural change), elections for the renewal of the coordination committee and admission of new members. One of the main issues discussed was the promotion of the World Social Forum on Transformative Economies, a three year process of alliances and convergence with two main events planned to take place in Barcelona in Spring 2019 and 2020. The last day was dedicated to foster the inter-cooperation among members, sharing ideas, projects and areas of work where new exchanges and common actions can be discussed and help advance SSE concretely all over Europe as well as at the international level, connecting with the other continental networks of RIPESS.


20 (17 members + 3 proxy votes)

  1. Our Good Earth (НашаДобраЗемја en macédonien), Macedonia
  2. Fair & Bio Coop, Czech Republic
  3. Fairtrade Poland Fondation

GA Report