The Feministasylum coalition, born in November 2021, currently brings together more than 250 organizations from 18 European countries. Every week, new collectives join this campaign at the crossing of feminist struggles for women, girls, lgbtiqa+ rights and the fight against racism. A huge challenge in today’s international context.

The next step is to submit the petition to the European Union authorities. This step will take place on May the 18th at the Petitions Committee of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. On this occasion Feministasylum is organizing two important events: a press conference in the European Parliament in the morning, in the presence of several MEPs and local and international press, and a public meeting in the evening. We will be focusing on the emblematic testimonies of lgbtqia+ women and persons, directly concerned by the demands we are addressing to the European political authorities, as well as to all the governments of the Schengen area. A strong mobilization of parliamentarians and civil society to demand the implementation of different reception policy in European countries, oriented towards an adapted, dignified, and fair reception for all people who flee their countries to escape from gender-based discrimination and violence, in compliance with the protection rules set out in international conventions.

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