Article of the Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici (in Italian)

RIVE, Rete Italiana Cohousing e Abitare Collaborativo and Mondo di Comunità e Famiglia invite also this year the communities to realize initiatives and events in the line of the European Collaborative Housing Day!

Created in the Netherlands in 2009 as the “Day of Intentional Communities”, the initiative was extended to a European level in 2013 thanks to the French association Habitat Participatif, and was transformed into a series of events organised by the participating communities during the month of May, opening the doors of their experience to all those who are curious and sympathetic to a community lifestyle and more.

In fact, “collaborative housing” does not only mean cohabitation, but a broader sharing of relationships, decisions, spaces, resources and free time in the name of a more ecological, supportive and participatory way of being together.

The occasion gives the opportunity

  • for interested parties to visit or learn about experiences of collaborative housing
  • for communities to enhance their work by networking, thus contributing to the global development of participatory living;
  • for groups in formation to find new members for their project;
  • for everyone to experience that “living differently” is possible.

This year we are extending the initiative to include all those housing experiences that focus on interpersonal relationships, with a view to creating a more inclusive and supportive community.

The activities can be OPEN DOORS (visits to the co-habitants in their own homes) or SIT AND TELL (debates and meetings with testimonies from the participants in the co-housing).

The visits and debates can be combined with convivial moments: aperitifs, picnics, snacks.

The calendar of activities will be organised in the two time windows:

from 6 May to 12 June 2022
9 September to 9 October 2022

All community realities (cohousing, ecovillages, communities, cooperatives of inhabitants, etc.) that want to join are welcome!