AAE – An Ait Eile Cooperative

An Áit Eile (AAE) began in 2015 as a cultural association of artists, musicians, and performers who collaborate with communities on events and projects addressing social and ecological issues as well as mental health. Today, as a cooperative, its members are both individuals and community organizations.



APRÈS, the social and solidarity economy (SSE) network, is committed to the promotion and recognition of the SSE in the Geneva region.

Our mission: to contribute to making the economy a major lever for the transition to a society that respects people and the biosphere.

Born in 2004, APRÈS now has more than 800 members.

CNLRQ – Comité National de Liaison des Régies de Quartier


The Comité National de Liaison des Régies de Quartier (CNLRQ) is a network of actors that includes 132 certified associations throughout France. A Régie de Quartier or de Territoire is an association under the French law of 1901 which is based on a triptych of founding actors: elected officials from the local authorities, representatives of social landlords and residents.

ANIMAR - Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Local (PORTUGAL)

Animar is the network of synergies for local development, uniting agents and development organizations in the construction of an ambitious strategy, which presents itself with independent and bold proposals to strengthen local development as a structuring model for the valorization of territories, people and all living beings.

CRESAÇOR – Cooperativa Regional de Economia Soidária (PORTUGAL)

CRESAÇOR – Cooperativa Regional de Economia Solidária, CRL was founded in 2000, has its headquarters on the island of S. Miguel, and its areas of intervention cover the entire territory of the Azores Region.

Our mission is to promote Solidarity Economy and Local and Community Development in the Azores Region, sustaining the values of Cooperation, Identity, Sustainability, Local, Tradition, Culture, Environment, People and having as general objectives.

Ekumenická akademie (Czech Republic)


Founded in 1996 in the Czech Republic, the Ecumenical Academy is an NGO whose vision is a socially just, sustainable and tolerant society. We work on human rights and the search for solutions to economic, social, gender and ethnic inequalities. We support alternative forms of economic democracy, such as the social and solidarity economy (SSE), fair trade and cooperatives. We also organize campaigns and events to raise awareness about these issues. We are a founding member of many Czech social justice organizations and are part of several international networks.


L’ Apes (Hauts-de-France) est un réseau d’acteurs de l’économie solidaire en hauts-de-France qui se donne pour objectif de: représenter, promouvoir et valoriser l’économie solidaire, d’appuyer les initiatives d’acteurs sur les territoires, dans une démarche collective et ascendante – tout comme investir la Recherche et Développement à travers l’expérimentation de projets innovants.

Centrul de Resurse pentru Inițiative Etice și Solidare (CRIES), (ROMANIA)


Asociația CRIES – Resource Center for Ethical and Solidarity Initiatives is a non-governmental organization that promotes citizen participation in democratic processes of the economy and participatory approaches to decision-making.



ESS’plicite federates the SSE training courses in New Aquitaine in connection with the actors and actresses of the sector, sensitizes the young people with this topic and accompanies them in the realization of their projects.