We are collecting here messages, articles, stories and references of Solidarity economy initiatives in response to the Covid19 pandemic crisis and its consequences, to share and exchange experiences and efforts from member networks and other organisations. If you wish to contribute, please write to : info@ripess.eu

Solidarity and cooperation in Portugal – tackling the challenges of the pandemic situation – Message from ANIMAR (Portuguese Association for Local Development)

Due to the pandemic context that all countries are currently experiencing, the 3rd International Meeting “Sinergias ED” and the Academy of Activism “From Local Development to the European Citizenship” has been postponed.

At times like the ones we all are living, solidarity and cooperation may be the most effective way to go through the current scenario but also, the negative outcomes of the next economic crises.

In Portugal, in order to mobilize citizens for helping others in need, were created many initiatives to do so.”

  • SOS Vizinho (in English “SOS Neighbor”) aims to identify risk groups in every region of the country and create a distribution network of volunteers to help people from this risk groups with groceries and pharmacy to avoid the exposure of the most vulnerable citizens, to the virus.

  • Movimento #Tech4Covid19 is a movement of engineers, designers, marketeers, health professionals and other activities working in several ongoing projects to unite Portuguese talent in the development of technological solutions that help the population to overcome the challenge of COVID-19.

  • Rede Solidária is a initiative organized by the municipality of Lisbon aiming to gather volunteers to help the most vulnerable citizens with tasks and needs like going to the supermarket, pharmacy or putting the garbage in the garbage disposals in the street.

These are just some examples of how civil society and local governments are involved in tackling this pandemic situation through solidarity and collaboration.