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Save the date! From the 25th to 28th of June, Barcelona will host the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies.
The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies is now open for the registration of participants, organisations, activities and initiatives ! 
RIPESS invites you to join the growing plural movement to change the economic system from the (grass)roots!  You may participate to the construction of the Forum itself and to the event, taking place on the 25-28 of June in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
The Forum will have participants from all over the world, bringing their experiences and practices, converging on common issues, contributing to a shared strategic agenda.

Go to the online registration here

Sign up as soon as possible! 

Follow the instructions in the Call for registration - which will guide you through the process. If you have any questions, please contact

Deadline to register Activities in the Forum is April 15th 2020.

Go to the online registration here
Let's make the WSFTE programme together

The WSFTE to be held in Barcelona from 25 to 28 June 2020 is proposed as a space to meet, ex- change experiences, publicly debate and confluence to strengthen the transformative potential of alternative economies that resist capitalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy, racism, anthropocentrism and the rest of the interrelated structures of oppression in our current system.

It poses the undeferrable challenge of moving towards joint actions included in a Strategic Agenda, and of offering the world guidelines to assume practices and visions of economies for life, reflected in a diversity of concrete initiatives with their goals, tasks and more specific actions.

The World Social Forum today is on its way to the WSF Mexico 2021 and is in a moment of rethinking, renewing and recreating itself in the light of global challenges.

Responding to this challenge will be the guiding thread of the diversity of activities of a program that is built collectively and seeks to achieve concrete results.

At the heart of this process are the organizations, movements, networks, campaigns, collectives, entities and people involved in efforts and searches for economies that place the sustainability of life at the center, that are based on wor- king with just and supportive relationships, that care for people and the environment, that maintain knowledge and increase it as a common good and that have opened paths of action, movement and thought towards another economic system.

Join Transformadora!
Looking forward to welcoming you all in Barcelona in June!
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