The working groups activity aims to present the various working groups of Ripess Europe members and to create discussions with all participants interested. The meetings will be divided in 3 consecutive and parallel sessions in order to let the interpreters have a break every 50 minutes and for participants to navigate through different groups of their choice.

Here are the 5 groups for this GA meeting on the 8th of September:

Youth and Education

In the last years, the need to have a focus on younger generations and to address their issues is becoming more and more necessary to promote the culture and practices of SSE. Our proposal is to build a process that leads to the creation of an international network of young people (RIPESS and beyond), involved in initiatives of Social Solidarity Economy.

Facilitators: Sofia Pereira, Andrea Rodriguez, Josette Combes, Toufa Ameur Hadad

Online discussion space:


Public policies: alliances, advocacy and international cooperation

The public policy group gathers advocacy work and all activities that are focused on implementing SSE values and practices in Public policies. It includes local, regional, national and global levels of work. Good SSE public policies can manifest as specific and appropriate laws, strategies for sector strengthening and visibility, but also some action and cooperation plans.

Facilitators: Drazen Simlesa, Chloé Secher

Online discussion space:


Social impact, auditing and social utility

The issue of social impact assessment has taken on an incredible scale in recent years, throughout Europe and particularly with the development of impact funding. But it is important to realise that this is a very political issue and that the way of understanding it is not without consequences for SSE as a whole. RIPESS Europe therefore wanted to start working on this subject in order to forge a common culture among its members. The approach is based on the exchange of practices, the understanding of the different approaches and approaches initiated in Europe and the construction of a political advocacy.

Facilitators: Olivia Mailfert, Berenice Dondeyne

Online discussion space:


Territorial cooperation and communities of practice

Many people and structures cooperate at a territorial scale in urban and rural areas, through the mutualization of means, collective events, shared-places, collaborative cultural projects, or territorial networks regrouping social solidarity economy organizations. We experiment cooperative approaches for local development, that are creative, evolving, and innovative.

Facilitators: Laure Hubert-Rodier, Rita Kandiko, Jason Nardi

Online discussion space:

Digital Cooperative Platforms and mapping

The objective of this workshop is to define the strategy for the development of collaborative digital tools within RIPESS Eu: what are the shared needs, what tools do we want to develop collectively, what principles do we share in this framework, what means should we put in place, what action plan should we put in place?

Facilitators: Jean Rossiaud, Bruno Lasnier

Online discussion space


The “Post”-covid / “with” covid is a transversal theme that will be discussed throughout the days with a special focus on how it affects all activities and what are the lessons out of the pandemic.