We will have delicious, local and organic food with vegetarian and vegan options.


We have pre-selected 2 hotels near the EkoCentrum. You can choose the one you want to stay at and make a booking. If you have question regarding your booking, Mariusz Maslosz in here to help ! Do not hesitate to contact him:

1. Herbal Hotel
Address: ul. Włodkowica 15-17 Wrocław
– Available 6 rooms for 2 people (with 2 separate beds) and 19 rooms for 1 person
– Available breakfast option: buffet
– Closest bus/tram stops: Narodowe Forum Muzyki; Rynek
BETWEEN 71€ – 77€ / night (breakfast included)

2. Fitness Hostel
Address: ul. Sołtysowicka 15b
– Available: 5 rooms for 2 people with mutual bathroom; 1 room for 3
people with mutual bathroom; 2 rooms for 2 people with private
bathroom; 1 room for 1 person with private bathroom. There are also
available rooms with bunk beds if necessary.
–  Three options for breakfast:
• Scrambled eggs with onion, chive and bread;
• Pancakes with raspberry mousse and fruits;
• Sausages and vegetable salad; bread.
– Closest bus/tram stop: Koszarowa/Kromera (Czajkowskiego)
BETWEEN 42€ – 50€ /night (+ 5€ extra for breakfast)

3. Moon Hostel 
Feel free to check availability for the Moon hostel that has various rooms (from 1 to 8 people), a very good location (in the center, 15 min bus from the EkoCentrum) and reasonable prices. Their website in available in English / Polish.
More options will be added soon…