XXII Days of Solidarity Economy The Power of People




“The power of people” is the title chosen for the XXIII Days of the Solidarity Economy. The annual meeting with economic alternatives organized by REAS Aragón focuses in this edition on building the capacity of society, people, to transform a reality based on inequality by another that places people at the center, their lives and the sustainability of the planet. To stop being seen as consumers and to conform citizenship, to intervene as protagonists and not as submissive in the decisions that affect our daily lives, to distribute and share resources while generating sustainable sources of energy and good -being, tools and voice, with examples and alternatives that allow us to make our position of power, the origin of the rest of the powers, a useful lever towards social justice, the universalization of rights and the realization of individuals.


The social and solidarity economy is one of these tools. Through its mechanisms of democratic participation, cooperation and primacy of the human component in its management, it allows the establishment of economic relations in which the economic benefit ceases to have complete possession of the truth. Through the principles that govern the SSE (equity, work, sustainability, cooperation, lack of profit and social commitment), the economy leaves the coldness of the spreadsheet to devote itself to what it should never have abandoned: End inequalities and exclusion, stop the deterioration of the environment and promote the development of individuals and communities, social commitment and democratic values ​​of living together. Therefore, the social and solidarity economy defends and demands “The power of people”, and it does so on a daily basis through consumer awareness, advocating responsible public procurement, highlighting the tasks related to care, the extension of coopertivism as a basic mode of productive organization, feeding debate as a means of exchange and generating ideas. Because the SSE places people at the center, it defends the idea that these same people regain power over their lives.


The XXIII Days of Solidarity Economy will be used to share experiences, to deepen the essence of transformation economies and to extend the scope of an alternative that is already a reality with its base, its experience and its daily practices. Foundations, itinerary and practices that REAS Aragón provides to society as a whole throughout the year, but especially during these days of meetings, activities and conversations. Discussions, workshops and cultural offerings should serve to reinforce REAS’s links with the society in which it lives and to involve social agents and individuals in a change of economic and political organization towards communities in which, truly and finally, we appreciate “the power of people”.

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28/01/2021 to 11/03/2021All working days 12:00 am UTC+1

3rd Sustainable Food Conference (France)


Welcome to the 3rd Sustainable Food Conference! Created to encourage the sharing of experiences and inspiring initiatives, the Meetings will this year have the particular objective of strengthening the actions and collaborations of the actors who cultivate the next world. In the difficult context of the crises we are going through, it is urgent that we organize ourselves collectively to accelerate transitions towards sustainable, just and resilient food systems.

More info: https://rencontres-alimentation-durable.fr/le-programme/

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All Day

European investment bank – Social innovation tournament


Deadline for submission of proposals : 3 March, 23:59 CET

The Social Innovation Tournament recognises and supports the best European social entrepreneurs. It promotes innovative ideas and rewards initiatives that contribute to creating social, ethical or environmental impact. Typically, it covers projects in the areas of education, healthcare, the environment, circular economy, inclusion, job creation, ageing and many more.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the SIT, winning projects in the General Category and Special Category will be awarded a first or second prize of €75 000 and €30 000 respectively, and an Audience Choice Award of €10 000.

More info : https://institute.eib.org/social-innovation-tournament-2/

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9:30 am / 12:00 pm UTC+1

When the circular economy becomes handi-solidarity: launch of the European Solifoodwaste network


Within the framework of the European Solifoodwaste project (conducted since autumn 2019), Pour La Solidarité (PLS) invites you to the launch of the first European network of organizations committed to fighting food waste and to the (socio-)professional integration of the disabled on Tuesday 9 March. In Europe, nearly 88 million tons of food ends up in the garbage*. This figure is absurd at a time when we are talking about responsible consumption and the resilience of the European food system. It is imperative that a shift in the way we consume and produce must take place. At the same time, 16% of the working population in Europe is affected by a disability, and this proportion of the population is still experiencing too many difficulties integrating into the job market; the average activity rate for the disabled is only 48.7%, compared with 72.5% for so-called able-bodied people.   These two issues have a priori nothing to do with each other and yet . Solifoodwaste is a European project that aims to simultaneously meet these challenges by developing economic activities to recycle unsold food by disabled people. Convinced that the effect of the project will be all the more important if it is carried out collectively, the SFW partnership invites you on Tuesday, March 9 (9:30 am to 12:00 pm) to the videoconference launching the very first European network of organizations committed to fighting food waste and to the (socio-)professional integration of the disabled.   Discover the program. More info: https://life-solifoodwaste.eu/fr/
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REDPES-RIPESS Workshop Series in Solidarity Economy

March 23rd - “Solidarity Economy and the Commons” - Ana Margarida Esteves (CEI-IUL, ISCTE) Language : English Link to RedPES webinars: https://bbb.redpes.pt/b/adm-rvx-l8k-c3d More information will be published here before the scheduled date!
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