Toward Co-operative Commonwealth:
Transition in a Perilous Century

Our 4th offering of this online course begins February 7, 2022

System change and transition to a political economy that is both socially just and environmentally sustainable are now the central concern of social movements the world over.

Climate change has added an unprecedented layer of complexity to social change work. To meet this challenge, transition to a just and sustainable future requires a perspective that is more integral, more holistic and more demanding of co-operation than anything we have seen since the rise of industrialization. This is the starting point for the transition work we envisage at Synergia, and that is embodied in the content of this MOOC.

The approach blends theory and critical analysis with the practical models for transition that currently are being applied in countless communities around the globe. Our task has been to make these transition models visible and shareable.

This MOOC focuses on how system change is understood and how it is being undertaken in six key economic sectors: Land and Housing, Food and Agriculture, Energy, Work, Social Care and Finance. Each module examines the nature and source of the problems manifested in one of these areas and where real solutions are being applied. A holistic perspective also requires that we explain how each area (or “theme”) relates to the other five and to transition overall: what each contributes to our understanding of system change and to the vision of a just, humane and sustainable future.