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The social and solidarity economy (SSE) proposes a development model that contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, by placing people and the planet at its centre, beyond the mere maximisation and distribution of profits.

Initiated by France in 2019, Pact for Impact is an international alliance aiming to bring together States, international organisations, institutional and civil society actors to increase the visibility of SSE at the international level. As a diplomacy tool including public and private actors, Pact for Impact is a place for exchanging resources and sharing experiences, deploying proposals to encourage the development of the sector, and acting for the international recognition of the SSE within international institutions (EU, OECD, ILO, UN). Complementary to the action of pre-existing international SSE networks, Pact for Impact offers a global approach aiming at coordinating the efforts of all to develop concrete initiatives and operational tools.

As SSE ecosystems emerge and are structured around the world, and as new institutional frameworks progressively recognise the sector, the Pact for Impact Alliance has developed an ambitious roadmap for 2022, embodied in its Coalition Manifesto.

The main objective of the Alliance is to co-sponsor a draft resolution on SSE at the United Nations. The General Secretariat of the Pact for Impact Alliance invites you to (re)discover the project:

in English only

This information session will be an opportunity for the General Secretariat to answer your questions about the project. As a reminder, the implementation of such a resolution would allow:

🤝 A better collaboration of Member States around specific SSE issues
🎯 The orientation of the United Nations agencies towards the priority issues of the SSE
📝 Documentation of SSE contributions to sustainable development
➡ Improving the development and subsequent implementation of SSE policies, particularly in countries and societies lagging behind

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