Article by Délie Ronsin, UFISC

In early December 2021, back in Lisbon and welcomed by Largo, their Portuguese colleague, the COOPTERR partners worked for two days on territorial cooperation.

CRIES, Fekete Sereg, Largo, Solidarius, UFISC, and Ripess Europe have been working together on a two-year project since September 2020. This meeting was the occasion to assess the first year of the project, to work on the interim report, and to set exciting objectives and perspectives for 2022. This event was also an opportunity to identify together the problems faced by the networks, the possible solutions, and the key skills and necessary conditions for good cooperation practices.

The collective was also glad to attend two very inspiring presentations of Portuguese projects: a National Plan for the Arts within the Portuguese governmental areas of Culture and Education, and Acesso Cultura, which aims at ensuring that everyone can participate to cultural life.

After an online training in April 2021 followed by two in-person trainings in July in Lisbon and in October in Orleans, the collective will meet again at the end of February 2022 for a new activity in Hungary, hosted by Fekete Sereg. On the programme: presentation of the Hungarian context, exchanges of practices and visits of SSE structures, time for reflection, carnival and palinka!