Article from Enercoop France

For their electricity needs, the City of Rennes has expanded the scope entrusted to Enercoop from 3 delivery points in 2016 to 62 to date. In 2022,  62 public buildings are powered by truly green, local and citizen electricity from Enercoop!

As of January 1, 2022, we have 28 Breton communities within the perimeter of Enercoop. Find them here !

Enercoop awarded the Volt Green Label

All of Enercoop’s electricity is covered by guaranteed 100% renewable and 0% nuclear production thanks to direct supply from more than 400 producers throughout France. Enercoop’s producers exclusively use renewable energy sources: water, wind, sun and biomass.

The GreenVolt Label of ADEME, the French Agency for the Ecological Transition, is a label that brings more transparency on green electricity offers. It allows consumers to understand the true impact of these offers on the energy transition in France.
Recently, the electricity supply offer of the Enercoop network was recognized as “very committed” and “nuclear-free”, the most demanding level of the label!

To learn more about the label (in French), follow the link.